DECO ELX Lighting Profile

DECO ELX Lighting is a global proactive clean energy company committed to providing energy efficient and affordable lighting to residential, commercial, industrial and government sectors.

Specializing in global sourcing and distribution of energy efficient commercial lighting solutions, DECO aims to reduce energy consumption and costs with smarter technology.

Our unique range of patented Induction lighting products enables businesses and organizations to meet smarter energy targets whilst achieving exceptional lighting results. We estimate savings of up to 70% on running costs and up to 100% on maintenance over a 10 year period with new Induction fittings supported by a five year warranty.

In addition, the Induction range provides an extended operating life of up to 100,000 hours, meaning decreased maintenance and replacement costs. Quality checked during and after the manufacturing process by independent inspectors. DECO ELX product range has been certified to meet the Electrical Safety and standards, EMC and Government Incentive Schemes.

Our team of certified electrical specialists with over 30 years of experience means we can provide you with leading-edge lighting solutions which are best suited to your lighting application.

P.O. Box: 114815, Abu Dhabi, UAE,

          +971 2 632 3626    +971 2 632 3636

P.O. Box: 46818, Sharjah, UAE,

                  +971 6 555 1141     +971 6 555 1181


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