Induction - Features & Benefits

Induction technology produces savings from purchase and instal- lation to your ongoing energy bills. The reliable technology and design means greater performance and quality of lighting mean- ingless eye strain.

Ongoing lighting savings across the whole range are estimated to be 70% in comparison to traditional metal halides. These savings are attributed to:

  • Higher Scotopic/Photopic (S/P) ratios mean higher Visual Effective Lumens.
  • Higher Lumens per Watt therefore less Watts needed.
  • Reflective technology design maximizing light produced.
  • 10 year minimum life.
  • Low maintenance and easily accessible designs

Benefits of installing, or replacing, lighting with induction technology:

  • Up to 100,000 hours of operating life.
  • Extremely Low maintenance.
  • Low glare, reducing eye strain in the work place.
  • Extreme efficacy 85+ lumens per watt.
  • Vibration resistant.
  • Exceptional colour rendering index 80+ – in some cases 90+.
  • Scotopic/Photopic Ratio of 1.96 - 2.25
  • Colour temperature choice of warm white to cool white 2,700–6,500K.
  • Switching on/off instantaneously and also available in dimmable range.
  • No flickering, strobing, or noise
  • Power factor 0.95+
  • Low Frequency of 240KHz, meaning no interference.
  • Operating position does not affect the performance.
  • Operating temperature range -34°C to 55°C (special -50°C to +100oC lamps available).
  • Recyclable.

Visual Effective Lumens

Visual Effective Lumens is calculated by the use of a ratio combining both Scotopic & Photopic lighting values. This is what we call the S/P ratio. When this ratio is included into the formula of calculating lumens (Light Source), you end up with a more accurate calculation of what we call “Visual Effective Lumens”.

Visual Effective Lumens

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