Induction Vs High Pressure Sodium

  • Induction Lighting has a bulb life rating of up to 100,000 hours.
    HPS is rated for 20,000 hours.
  • Induction Lighting has slow lumen depreciation (light loss) and can maintain up to 90% of original lumens for 80,000 hours or more.
    HPS has fast lumen depreciation similar to metal halide. Bulb life is twice as long as metal halide. This is why it may be chosen as an alternative to metal halide in high reach areas. It is just not the best choice.
  • Induction Lighting is nearly maintenance free for the rated life of the bulb/ballast and carries a 5 year warranty.
    HPS takes more maintenance and has no known warranty.
  • Induction Lighting has a high colour rendering index (CRI) of 80+. This makes colours much more vivid
    HPS has a low CRI of 20 - 22. This is why colours are so hard to see with this intense "yellow" light.
  • Induction Lighting has a high S/P ratio of 2.0 +. This makes the lumens per watt more effcient.
    HPS has a low S/P ratio of .62. This low number reveals wasted “non viewable" lumens.
  • Induction Lighting has high visual acuity "viewable" lumens per watt of 191.
    HPS has only 67 lumens of "viewable" lumens per watt, revealing poor efficiency with the need for nearly 3 times more watts than the crisp white light of induction.
  • Induction Lighting is instant-on and instant re-strike.
    HPS is delayed up to 10 minutes.
  • Induction Lighting is better for the environment using only 5 - 6mg. of amalgam (dentist style mercury) per bulb which is in a solid form and therefore easy to recycle.
    HPS uses 10 - 50mg. of mercury and is difficult in its form to recycle. The 10 mgs. of mercury from only one 48 inch fluorescent bulb can make 6,000 gallons of water unfit to drink. It will take 5 of these HPS bulbs in the environment to compete with the life of one induction bulb and 10 times more mercury is exposed.
  • Induction Lighting operates at a much cooler 65C – 84C degrees.
    HPS operates at 233C to 398C degrees. This is much hotter and impactful to the environment.

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