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DECO ELX Lighting has become the premier provider of quality Induction Lighting products, enabling signi?cant savings on bills and maintenance over the long term. We are proud to provide energy-saving lighting solutions with a selection of products designed for both interior and exterior area lighting requirements.

Cost-Saving Technology

No more should lighting produce high energy bills and maintenance costs. Induction technology not only saves up to 70% on ongoing energy bills, but also provides up to 10 years lifespan – meaning it signi?cantly reduces maintenance cost.

Induction lighting not only minimises electricity bills, but it also o?ers superior bene?ts to other lighting options. DECO’s ELX induction lighting has ten times the life of metal halides, half the time to ROI than that of LED lighting, and provides a superior, vivid quality of light compared to High Pressure Sodium.

Induction Technology is the Ideal Lighting Solution

At DECO ELX Lighting, we specialize in providing affordable lighting solutions designed appropriately for every type of environment.

Unlike other lighting alternatives, our products are developed with intelligently engineered Induction technology. This technology creates sustainable, cost-effective and energy effcient lighting solutions.

The design results in a low-maintenance solution that emits lighting as powerful as the traditional metal halide product – but better. In conjunction with a longer life of 10 years minimum, lower operating temperature, and greater cost-e?ciency, our product range will undoubtedly bene?t you through ongoing energy and lighting cost savings.

From ceiling lights to tunnel lights, we have a large range of energy saving lighting solutions that are available for every type of space: from warehouses to public outdoor spaces, airports and billboards to railway stations.

Our product range includes Ceiling Lights, Flood Lights, Street Lights, High Bay Lights and Tunnel Lights.

The industry Energy Saving Secret: Induction Lighting

Operating on advanced science and technology, induction lamps are a superior lighting alternative that will save businesses up to 70% in their overall lighting costs.

At DECO ELX Lighting, our induction technology products easily surpass the ordinary functions delivered by traditional lighting solutions. Our induction technology boasts a level of energy e?ciency that results in an incredible 10 year minimum lifespan that is backed by our 5 year Warranty.

This technology is further enhanced by the design of our induction lights resulting in a brighter visual capability and increased lighting output.

Enabling greater performance, higher lighting quality and improved energy e?ciency, induction lighting meets all the lighting needs for large buildings, industries and businesses

DECO ELX lighting technology provides a brighter, low-maintenance, energy and cost effcient solution – it is our industry’s energy saving secret.

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