The extensive DECO ELX lighting range has an energy-saving product to suit any lighting need. We provide high quality lighting solutions to commercial and industrial businesses, including a selection of products to suit both indoor and outdoor area lighting requirements.

When you buy induction lighting with us, you get the benefit of a superior product, backed with a 5-year warranty, alongside a choice of style and color temperature, plus extra features such as dimmable options. Unlike most other bulbs on the market, DECO ELX Induction lights have instant on/off capabilities and give a crisp light that is perfect for any area. DECO globes are made to last and have a minimum life of 10 years, for lighting you can trust.


  • Increasing building energy ratings
  • Replacement lighting fixtures
  • Updating globes

High Bay Lights

  • Airports
  • Sports venues
  • Supermarkets

Street Lights

  • Highways and roads
  • Open areas
  • Outdoor venues

Tunnel Lights

  • Mining applications
  • Stadiums
  • Tunnel and road traffic

Flood Lights

  • Billboards
  • Construction sites
  • High-rise buildings

Ceiling Lights

  • Home
  • Offices
  • Petrol stationsc

Quick Facts

Do induction lamps need a dedicated fixture?

Yes. Due to operating and thermal requirements the system needs to be properly installed in a suitable fixture.

What, if any, is the effect of voltage supply fluctuations on the performance of the induction system?

Due to the built-in pre-conditioner in the LF generator, which provides a well stabilized internal supply voltage (a wide operating voltage range of +/- 20V) to the LF generator, the light output, consumed power and system efficiency of lamp system vary by less than 2% as a result of mains voltage fluctuations. There is no noticeable effect (visual or measurable) on the color performance (color temperature, color rendering, etc.) due to supply voltage fluctuation.

At the end of life, must all components be replaced?

All three components are separately replaceable; however, induction lights are almost always supplied as a three-component system, even for re-lamping. End of life usually means the generator must be replaced, and at the time, it is usually recommended to replace the bulb, as phosphor degeneration at 100,000 hours lowers lumen output up to 37%.

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