Our Portfolio

Over 15 years of experience in the Middle East, DECO has established itself as a preferred supplier to companies in Oil & Gas, Petrochemical & Refineries, Water & Electricity and Infrastructure. Our partners and customers always appreciate our flexibility to work with them according to their requirements.

Since 2000, we have enhanced our procurement services through reliable associations and long standing relationships with local and international original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) and specialist vendors. Our experience and network of suppliers has grown over time, being updated with innovative sourcing techniques to meet and exceed growing demands of our clients.

expertise to provide our clients with the equipments best suited to their needs for the best value.

P.O. Box: 114815, Abu Dhabi, UAE,

          +971 2 632 3626    +971 2 632 3636

P.O. Box: 46818, Sharjah, UAE,

                  +971 6 555 1141     +971 6 555 1181




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