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Hands-on Automation and Process Control

Automation and process control systems are becoming crucial for maximizing performance in all stages of process plant operations (startup, operation and shutdowns). Due to the increased sophistication of process control systems, professionals working in the different control areas must be continuously trained in order to update and enrich their knowledge of the latest technological developments.

For this purpose, DECO has partnered with MEIRC, a Leading Training & Consulting Company who have more than 60 years of experience to offer a new category of training courses entitled “Hands-On Automation and Process Control.” These courses will be facilitated by DECO trainers who are experts in the field and who can share with the trainees the industry’s best practices.

Additionally, participants in the training will have the opportunity to practice their newly acquired skills using state of the art equipment located in the Meirc-Deco technical training office. Moreover, the course offerings will be updated regularly in line with the continued development of automation and process control systems.

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